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Rare Comic Books features a large selection of back issues of comic book classics and a very rare inventory from the late 70's, 80's, and the 90's. Buy here your rare and hard to find Superman and Action Comics, Detective and Batman Comic Books, Swamp Thing, Todd McFarlane's Spawn, The Amazing Spiderman Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3, Incredible Hulk, X-men, Fantastic Four and many other classic comic books at our online shop. You can order comics online via our pay by credit card shopping cart. Easy to use and secure.

Rare And Classic Spider-Man ComicsA Game of ThronesWe offer rare and classic comic books, collectible comic books and out of print comics of every category and genre. A fantastic selection of collectibles that include Marvel, DC, Archie, Image, Graphic Novels, Western, Valiant, Harvey, Dell, Gold Key, Disney, War, Super Heroes, Golden Age, Silver Age, independent.

Rare classics by comic book artist legends like Bob Layton and his works on Iron Man. Todd Mcfarlane first appearances in Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk. And others like Neal Adams, Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Buscema, John Romita's Spiderman works, George Perez early 80's Avengers and New Teen Titans, Gene "The Dean" Colan's Daredevil Comics, Frank Miller, Curt Swan's impeccable drawing style on Superman and Action comics, Mike Mignola (0ne of comicdom's most fSpawn Batman War Devilavorite of all sought-after cover artists) and Hellboy, works by Walt Simonson, Arthur Adams' Xmen, Jackson (then known as Butch) Guice, The incredible John Bryne, Flex Mentallo
by Grant Morrison
, Jim Lee the most influential stylist in comics over the last 10 years, Mark Schultz, Carmine Infantino, Silver Surfer Mini Series, Steve Rude well knowTank Girln primarily as the artist/co-creator of Nexus, Bernie Wrightson, and the list goes on!

And we offer an assortment of comics written by some of the greatest comic book writers of all time like Mike Baron of Nexus fame, William Messner-Loebs, Len Wein, Erik Larsen, Alan Grant Batman stories, Grant Morrison's successful runs on titles like Animal Man , Doom Patrol , Roy William Thomas, Jr. , The X-Men's Chris Claremont, David Michelinie's Spiderman, V for Vendetta and Swampthing's Alan Moore, Mike Mignola's Hellboy, Keith Giffen stories, Peter David's Hulk, World War Hulks, Hawk and Dove, Todd McFarlane best known for his work in comic books such as the fantasy series Spawn, and from the Sandman fame Neil Gaiman, and so many others!

Below is a list of comic books we have in stock.

Planet of Vampires, The Fearless Defenders, Dark Horse's Prometheus Fire and Stone, Marvel's Amazing Adventures, Two-Gun Kid #95 Story by Stan Lee, World's Finest Comics, Death of Wolverine, Doc Savage, Edge of Spider-Verse, Hulk / Pitt One Shot, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, The Secret Defenders, Vault of Evil by DC Comics, Robocop Versus The Terminator by Frank Miller, Micronauts Marvel Comics, Harley Quinn Futures End eD Motion Cover, Batman versus Predator, Tomb Raider, Walking Dead, Doom Patrol, Star Wars: The George Lucas Draft, Marvel's New Universe Star Brand, Venom, Blitzkrieg, Wonder Woman, Batman Forever Movie Photo Sticker Album, Batman Superman The New 52!, Cyberforce Vol. 1, Leonard Nimoy's Primortals, Force Works , Marvels By Alex Ross, Demonslayer, Green Lantern Comics, Green LanternStatic, Valiant Vision Starter Kit, Doc Savage (The Man of Bronze), Classic X-Men 1986, Captain America comics, Don Bluths Space Ace, Iron Man comic books, The Light And Darkness War , Cataclysm Ultimates - Last Stand, Richie Rich Comics, What if...?Iron Man Vol. 1.
Supernatural Thrillers Featuring the 1st Appearance of the Living Mummy, Bang! Tango, Detective Comics Futures End , Rising Stars by J. Michael Straczynski, New Suicide Squad, Franklin Richards: World Be Warned, ROM Spaceknight, Kick Ass 3, The Mighty Avengers , Space Circus by Sergio Aragones, Marvel Spotlight #32 First Appearance of Spider-woman, Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn, Web of Spider-Man (1985-1998)Web Of Spider-Man, Star Trek The Motion Picture, Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy Prelude, The Man of Steel Mini Series (1986) DC Comics, Starlight by Mark Millar, The X-Men vs. The Avengers (1987), Plastic Forks by Ted KcKeever, World of Smallville 1988, Ironman, Batman, Spider-Man 2099, The Score By Gerard Jones, Classics Illustrated, Terminator (1988-1989).

Fightin Army by Charlton Comics, Sgt. Rock, Rocket Raccoon, Superman, Captain America Winter Soldier, Cosmic Odyssey, Fallen Angels, The Batman Adventures Vol. 1 , Jemm, Battle of the Planets, Shanna the She-Devil Survival of the Fittest, Son of Saturn by Gene Colan, X-men, Mutants, Mike Grell's Sable, Halo Jones, Alan Moore, Army at War, Quality Comics, Kull The Destroyer, Ultimate Captain America, Doctor Fate, The Thing, 1st Appearance of Luke Cage, Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, Deaths Head, Rare Iron First Comics, Trident Comics, Robin (Volume 1) Robin (Volume 4), New Mutants published by Adventure ComicsMarvel Comics, Marvel Spotlight, Cosmic Boy, Magnus Robot Fighter, Atlas Comic's Blazing Battle Tales, Preacher, Captain Marvel, World of Warcraft Ashbringer, Once Upon A Time Graphic Novel , Adam Strange, Ghost Rider Blaze Spirits of Vengeance, Marvel Fanfare, Dreadstar by Peter David, The Electra Saga by Frank Miller, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Magneto Vol. 3, The Flash Special #1, Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor, Elektra Assassin, The Infinity Gauntlet, Motormouth, Dexter, Robocop Comics, Superman / Lois Lane, Robocop To Live and Die in Detroit, Savage Hulk by Alan Davis, Hulk 2014, World War Hulk: Aftersmash!, Robocop: Memento Mori, Robocop The Last Stand, The X-Files: Conspiracy, Predator Comics by Dark Horse , The Six Million Dollar Man Season Six, Marvel Feature, Alex and Ada, Alex + Ada, Morbius The Living Vampire, SHE-HULK, Disney's Ducktales, Spider-men, Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine, Blood: A Tale, Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure, Spirit of the Tao, Dragonlance #1, J. Michael Straczynski The Twilight Zone, Marvel Mangaverse: Avengers, The X-Files: Year Zero, Green Arrow (1988 - 1998), Shadowline Saga: Critical Mass.

Arkham Asylum: Madness, The Weird, Batman Futures End by Scott Synder, The Good Guys by Jim Shooter, DC's Tarzan of the Apes, Silver Surfer Vol. 6, Harley QuinnCryptozoic Man, Bernie Wrightson, Cerebus the Aardvark, Assassins (Amalgam Comics), Gene Colan's Silverblade, Bloodstrike, Spider-Girl (May <Mayday> Parker), Harley Quinn #0 Regular And Variant Covers, Red Dog By P. Craig Russell, Batman: The Dark Knight 23.4 Jokers Daughter 3D Motion Cover, Dark Horse Presents, Superman / Wonder Woman 2013, Scooby-Doo Team-Up Batman and Robin #1, Strikeforce Morituri Electric Undertow, The New Avengers, Red Wolf by Stan Lee, Generation Next, Smallville Season 11 #1 1st Printing, Rai (2014), The Return of Megaton Man, The Infinite by Robert Kirkman, Devil Dinosaur, The Thanos Quest, Dinosaurs for Hire, Kamandi, Marvel Spectacular Reprints Thor, Tales to Astonish Vol. 2 1979, Marvel Tales (1964-1995), The Invisibles, The Real Ghostbusters, The Last Boy On Earth, Deadman Love After Death, Claw: The Unconquered, X-Men Unlimited, Jim Starlin, A Game of Thrones, Impulse, George R.R. Martin, Slaine the Berserker, Sons of Anarchy, X-O Manowar, Flash Gordon, Dark Horse Presents 2014, Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. , The Shadow and More!

A large collection of old, rare Alien comic books by Dark Horse comics. Aliens (1988), Aliens Vol. 2 (1989), Aliens:Rogue, Aliens Salvation, Aliens: Newt's Tale, Alien: Tribes, Alien Resurrection, Batman Aliens, Aliens: Berserker, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Aliens: Earth Angel, Aliens Alchemy, Aliens: Earth War, Aliens: Labyrinth, Aliens: Pig, Aliens: Mondo Pest, Aliens: Special, Aliens: Music of the Spears, Aliens: Stronghold, Aliens: Havoc, Aliens: Survival, Aliens: Fire and Stone, Street Fighter II, Superman Versus Aliens, Aliens: Xenogenesis, Alien 3.

Predator (aka Predator: Concrete Jungle ) was the first four-issue limited comic book series set in the fictional Predator  universe released by Dark Horse Comics from June 1989-March 1990. It was written by Mark Verheiden and illustrated by Chris Warner & Ron Randall, with covers by Warner.A rare collection of classic, hard to find Dark Horse Predator comic books: Predator (1989), Batman Vs Predator 2, Predator Hell Come A-Walkin, Predator Invaders from the Fourth Dimension, Predator Jungle Tales
Predator Jungle Tales, Witchblade Aliens Darkness Predator Mindhunter, Predator versus Magnus Robot Fighter TPB, Predator Race Wars, Predator Versus Judge Dredd, Predator Bad Blood, Predator Dark River, JLA Versus Predator.Deathlok #2 A new Deathlok, Michael Collins, debuted in the miniseries Deathlok #1-4 (July-Oct. 1990, reprinted as Deathlok Special #1-4 the following year).

More titles include Clive Barkers Tapping The Vein, Plastic Man, Marvel Super Action, Deadpool Versus Carnage, Kitty Pryde and Wolverine, The Savage Dragon versus The Savage Megaton Man Special, Sam Kieth's The Maxx Maxximized, Soul, Swiftsure, Nightcrawler, Lola Xoxo, Deathlok Miniseries, Shutter, Terminator by Dark Horse Comics (1990), Ultimate Thor, World's Finest 1990, Nth Man, and T Todd McFarlane's Spawnodd McFarlane's Spawn. Also Curse of the Spawn, Night Glider Topps Comics and Satan's Six Topps Comics, Bullets and Bracelets (Amalgam Comics), Planet of The Apes Movie Adaptation. Elektra 2014, Justice League Quarterly, Union by Wildstorm Comics, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY by Jack Kirby, Alf, Power Pack, Age of X Alpha, Star Trek New Visions, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, Karate Kid, Spawn Batman by Frank Miller, Teen Titans, Adventure Comics, Wasteland, Witchblade: Blood Oath , Witchblade / Darkness Special, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen and Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane, Uncanny Avengers.
Comico's Ginger Fox by Mike Baron

Marvel Presents, Comico's Ginger Fox by Mike Baron, Disney's Donald Duck Adventures, Jack Kirby's Mister Miracle, Big Trouble in Little China, DC's Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion, The Second Life of Dr. Mirage, Alpha Flight Special, Phantom Stranger, Strike Force America, Vampirella (2014), Tales of the Teen Titans 1987, Star Spangled War Stories, Prez: First Teen President, The Sentry, Robert Kirkman's Outcast, Figment by Disney Kingdoms, Gen 13, Vertigo Comic's Gangland, Aria, Ben Casey Dell Comics, World of Warcraft Comic Books, Jim Henson's Storyteller Witches, Marvel Classics Comics, Mike Baron's Badger & Badger Goes Beserk, Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International San Diego, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, Spellbound by Marvel Comics, G.I. Joe 2014 IDW Publishing , Sub-Mariner, Silver Surfer Witchblade, Malibu Versus Marvel Battlezones: Dream Team 2 One Shot, Life with Archie, Magnus Robot Fighter And Nexus, Sergio Aragonés Groo vs Conan, Ralph Snart Adventures, Spider-Island Amazing Spider-Girl, Farscape, Malibu Comic's Godwheel, Master of Kung Fu, Swamp Thing Futures End, Robert Kirkman's Super Dinosaur, Cyberforce Vol. 2, Neil Gaiman's Angela, Quality Comic's Scavengers, Jack Kirby and Stam Lee's The Inhumans, Jim Usagi Yojimbo Color Special - The ArtistStarlin's Infinity Crusade, Boris Karloff: Tales of Mystery, Usagi Yojimbo Color Special - The Artist, Haunt by Robert Kirkman and Todd Mcfarlane, The New Teen Titans, Superman Family, Miles Morales The Ultimate Spider-Man, Strange Adventures, Logan: Shadow Society, Street Fighter: Legends Chun Li, Marvel Mangaverse: Fantastic Four, Aspen Comics' Mindfield, Street Fighter Legends: Sakura,Dell Comic's Combat, Robin Rises: Omega, Classics Illustrated Gilberton Publications, The Foot Soldiers, The Infinite, Ragnarok, Ultimate Fantastic Four / X-Men, Winterworld by Chuck Dixon, Alice Cooper, Ex-Mutants by Amazing Publishing, Our Fighting Forces, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY by Jack KirbyTales of the Darkness, Kobra by Jack Kirby, Shogun Warriors, Grant Morrison's Multiversity, Bionic Woman Season 4, Marvel Premiere Featuring Man-Wolf, Aria Angela, Youngblood, Clive Barker's Hyperkind, Doctor Who 10th Doctor and 11th Doctor, Cyberrad, Marvel Comics & Electric Company Spidey Super Stories, Cartoon Network's Super Secret Crisis War, Star Comics's Visionaries, MiracleMan 2014, Nomad Girl Without A World, The Human Torch, Truth Red White & Black, Weapon Zero / Silver Surfer, Wonder Woman Futures End 3D Motion Cover, Peter Laird's Gizmo and the Fugitoid, Power Man, DC's Korak Son of Tarzan, Avengers vs X-Men, Kapow Guinness World Record Special, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Masakazu Katsura's Shadow Lady Dangerous Love, Wolverine Origins (2006), Marvel's Mini Series Tarzan of The Apes, SHIELD 2011, The Champions, The New Warriors, Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos, George Perez's Sirens, The Green Planet, Dark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Utopia #1 Dark Reign Tie-In. SDCC Previews Exclusive Sketch EditionJungle Jim, Action Comics Futures End published by DC Comics, Journey Into Mystery and Warlock (1992), Dark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Utopia #1 Dark Reign Tie-In / SDCC Previews Exclusive Sketch Edition, Image Comics' Wytches, Atlas Comics 1975 Tiger-Man, Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory, Disney's Lady and the Tramp, 7 11 and Bongo Comics team up to bring you Radioactive Man, The Defenders 2012, Backlash, Evil Ernie (2014), Disney's Huey, Supergirl Vol. 1, Superman Power Records Comic, Dewey & Louie Junior Woodchucks, Seven Soldiers The Manhattan Guardian, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Infinite Crisis Fight for The Multiverse, JSA All Stars, DC and Dark Comics Crossover Mini-Series Spyboy Young Justice, Stan Lee's Chakra the Invincible, Thor 2014.

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