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We offer rare and classic comic books, collectible comic books and out of print comics of every category and genre. A fantastic selection of collectibles that include Marvel, DC, Archie, Image, Graphic Novels, Western, Valiant, Harvey, Dell, Gold Key, Disney, War, Super Heroes, Golden Age, Silver Age, independent.

Variety of highly rare and hard to find collectible comic books, vintage comics, and classics. Marvel, Epic, DC, Dark Horse, Image, and many others!

By writers like Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and many others!

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Venom #34 / Cover by Declan Shalvey
Venom #34 (2013) Declan Shalvey Cover & Pencils, Cullen Bunn Story As Agent Venom picks himself up, Toxin suggests he start praying for a little divine favor to get him through what's next. Agent Venom retaliates by transforming his right arm into a club and sending Toxin flying, thinking to himself that both Eddie and the Toxin symbiote hate Venom.
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Venom #34 (2013) Near Mint/Mint $7.99
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Venom #39. Venom's secret identity is discovered! And not by whom you'd expect! 1st full appearance of Venom's new sidekick...Mania!
Venom #39 1st full appearance of Venom's new sidekick...Mania!
Mint+ $7.00
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Vision and The Scarlet Witch #1 This issue recaps the origins of both the Scarlet Witch and the Vision. 
Continued in West Coast Avengers #2. 
The Scarlet Witch breaks into Project Pegasus to free the Vision who's being studied by Henry Gyrich. They both resign as Avengers and head out to Leonia, New Jersey and look for a new home. Unfortunately, they're attacked by zombies and the Vision is rendered inoperative and the Scarlet Witch is captured. The Vision learns that Nekra and Black Talon are controlling the zombies and that these villains are working for the Grim Reaper. The Vision frees the Scarlet Witch and they escape. However, they've learned that the Grim Reaper has somehow managed to create an undead version of Simon Williams.
Vision and The Scarlet Witch #1 Very Fine $3.00
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Wally The Wizard #11 (1985 Marvel/Star Comics)How can Wally stop Sir Evilus invasion? Find out in Siege! Script by Ben Brown and art by Ben Brown & Vince Colletta. Issue also has a Wallys Magic Show one-page comic strip.
Wally The Wizard #11
Very Fine/Near Mint $5.00
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Walt Disney's Comics And Stories #468.
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories #468
Very Good $1.50
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Watson and Holmes / Karl Bollers Story ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are re-envisioned as African-Americans living in present-day Harlem. Watson, an Afghan war vet, works in an inner-city clinic; Holmes, a local P.I., takes unusual cases. When a case ends up in Watson's ER, the unlikely duo partner up to find a missing girl and fall into a labyrinth of drugs, guns, gangs and a 'M'urderous conspiracy.
Watson and Holmes #1 Mint+ $6.30 SOLD OUT

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Weird Romance One-Shot (1988) Cover art ©1988 Brent Anderson. Eclipse In this one-shot title, Eclipse reprints three stories from the early 1950s that ... The final story consists more of suspense than romance, as an unscrupulous
Weird Romance One-Shot (1988) Eclipse #1
Near Mint $2.50
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WHEEL OF WORLDS (NEIL GAIMAN) (1996) #0 Mint $2.95
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Willow #1 / penciler, letterer Bob Hall
Willow #1 Very Fine/Near Mint $3.00

Willow #2 Very Fine/Near Mint $3.00
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Willow #3 Very Fine/Near Mint $3.00
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World Without End #1  World Without End is a six-issue American comic book limited series, created by Jamie Delano and illustrated by John Higgins, released by DC Comics in 1990.
World Without End #1 Mint+ $5.00
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X #1 2013 / Regular Dave Wilkins Cover
X #1 2013 Mint+ $5.00
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Xanadu Color Special Near Mint $2.50
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Zatanna Special
Zatanna Special Near Mint+ $3.50 SOLD OUT

Zombies Christmas Carol #1
Zombies Christmas Carol #1 Mint $6.00
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